Cit0Day Dump Could be New LeakedSource: FBI Takedown Amid Data Breach Fake?

Rumors suggesting the alleged fake FBI takedown of LeakedSource have surfaced citing the Cit0day database as the new platform for hackers! The rumor stems from a lack of explanation as to the previous closure of the website and that there were no arrests made during its closure.

Cit0Day database is the new LeakedSource?

An article by Cytomic details just where the leak originated. According to its findings, the information came from For those who don’t know, Cit0day is a particular service that does its advertisements on hacker communities and forums and operates as a particular search engine and index for hacker data. In fact, Cit0day previously took over from some other similar portals like LeakedSourcewhen as well as WeLeakInfo just after authorities shut both of them down.

Cit0Day was previously launched some time back in January 2018 when LeakedSource was previously closed and it was then advertised quite heavily on certain underground hacking forums as well as certain public sites just like BitcoinTalk. During September 14 of this year, it was also apparently taken down and its own URL pointed directly to a particular FBI and DOJ seizure notice.

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Cit0day database breach

There were certain rumors on forums stating that the FBI’s previous takedown notice was actually fake or that it had been able to copy itself to another platform. These rumors were due to the fact that when ZDNet previously inquired with the official FBI’s press department, the spokesperson then declined to give any comments.

Moreover, there were also no arrests that were related to Cit0day that have ever been reported up to this date. This is odd because it is standard procedure with these official agencies to close such portals, according to the statements of ZDNet. The whole hacking community is now skeptical of the said rumors that Xrenovi4, the alias used by the portal’s alleged creator, has previously been detained.

The article by Cytomic then notes that if Cit0day were actually to operate, there should be other similar portals that will resultantly pick up the baton, which will serve to underline any of the given dangers of the said data breaches within the organization. As of the moment, more details have to emerge in order to know the full story with regards to the 23,000 Cit0day database breach. leak: legal action?

Cit0Day dump database breach? Just a few days ago, there was found to be 23,618 databases coming from organizations and companies that have been hacked and publicly made available for a simple download on the known MEGA. MEGA is a cloud file-hosting portal that is frequently used for certain unauthorized posting of certain files all ranging from data breaches to pirated movies and music. The story was announced by ZDNet.

The link had only barely been created when it started making its rounds on the known deep web along with some other channels which include Telegram. An earlier report estimated that there were a total of 50GB worth of data which included 13 billion files all in all. Although experts claim that these are actually from older databases that were previously hacked, the data might still be a threat when put in the hands of cybercriminals.


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