Warning: New Mac Pro Might Not Be Powered by Apple’s Arm-Family Chips Moving Away from Intel

Apple is now taking more risks giving its Mac computers a swap from Intel processors to chips of its own design which is part of the Arm family. This is the kind of chips used in both iPhones and iPads which have reportedly delivered better speed on the Windows PCs.

Apple shocking revelation on ‘Apple Silicon’ Mac event on Tuesday

The upcoming Mac Arm chips are said to allow Apple to pack in even more circuitry that is backed up with a much bigger battery. However, the speed of the chips are only expected to be announced on the coming Mac announcement “Apple silicon” on Tuesday.

This is a critical event since it will determine whether Mac buyers will embrace the new models or maybe switch to a Windows machine that is powered by Intel’s new line of Tiger Lake chips. According to Techsponential analyst Avi Greengart, it is expected that there will be two or three different Apple silicon varieties for the different types of Apple Macs. It was stated that the Mac Pro will also be the last to accomplish the switch away from Intel.

WWDC: Apple wouldn’t back down from Intel for the next two years

Back during the WWDC announcement in June, the company affirmed that it will be selling intel-based Macs for just about two years as well as maintain the software support for the upcoming years. Apple’s “own and control” desire has also been a principle of CEO Tim Cook known as the “Cook doctrine”.

Given the known performance paired with the power efficiency of Apple’s current silicon chips, it is most likely that the iPhone 12’s own A14 Bionic, which is a likely Arm-based Mac category could be a mainstream laptop capable of combining midrange performance along with its stellar battery life. This could even replace the Intel-powered MacBook Airs of today.

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Apple’s upcoming products and what to expect from the company

Apple is also expected to offer a new 13-inch MacBook Air, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and also a 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with new chips according to Bloomberg. Although the said Arm chips are expected to be cheaper in comparison to the Intel chips, Apple stated that they will continue to charge an expected premium price for the new Macs, according to Greenart.

The high-end iMacs and the Mac Pro desktops are both another matter altogether. It was said that desktops plugged into a wall socket can use as much power as a known PC gaming rig.Apple stated that it would also need more beefy chips along with a lot of processor cores, communication links, and even a high-speed cache memory. Apple also said that the upcoming Macs might be ready for at least a bit of heavy-duty work over in June.


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