Tesla Now Recruiting Engineers for Giga Berlin with Elon Musk Personally Doing the Interview: Here’s How to Apply

Tesla’s new branch and the key gigafactory supplying the European demand is now looking for engineers. The branch has recently started construction in Berlin as Tesla demands soared in Europe. It was reported earlier that the reason for Tesla’s smaller market share in Europe is due to its lack of manufacturing within the area.

Tesla’s market share success 

Although Tesla has been able to claim a larger market share in the United States for not just electric vehicles but also in the car market in general. One of the accomplishments of Tesla in car sales was when it topped the California market in not just electric car sales but the car market in general. This was recorded the first time that an electric car model was chosen over the conventional gasoline or diesel cars.

Europe is already planning a market shift to electric cars and aims to switch to electric cars completely by the year 2050. As of the moment, most car companies have already started to scale up on EV manufacturing.

Tesla’ sales and profits 

Tesla’s profitable year despite the whole pandemic. The company did suffer losses but was able to come out positive

It has also reported a very profitable year despite the pandemic. Although the gigafactories had to be closed in accordance with the protocols, the EV manufacturer has still managed to deliver a record amount of sales.

Tesla’s innovative approach to marketing as well as the simplified models has allowed the EV maker to scale its production. This approach is based on manufacturing the majority of parts in-factory with a lot of parts being shared by different models.

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Manufacturing and mass production 

Tesla’s approach to manufacturing and how the car company is able to mass-produce

Since a majority of the car parts are manufactured and also assembled inside, this has allowed Tesla to drop its production costs as well as scale up the number of cars they are able to produce. According to Elon Musk’s recent Twitter post, the EV company is now on the look for ace engineers to work for Giga Berlin. The interview is said to take place on the site itself. Applicants were encouraged to send their resumes to 25Guns@Tesla.com.

Elon Musk has been reportedly on the lookout for key engineers not just for Tesla but also for his more recent Neuralink company as reported by a job posting on Lever. With the ever-expanding Tesla, and the new Giga factory in Berlin coming up soon, Elon Musk is looking to add new key engineers to his team.

Elon Musk has been open about how he does not really think that college is necessary for success and would rather measure a person by their accomplishments and ability. In a report by The Guardian, he stated that college is for fun and not technically for learning.

Recruiting ace engineers for Giga Berlin! Will interview in person tomorrow on site. Send resume to 25Guns@Tesla.com. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 5, 2020


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