Split (2017) – Taking the multi-personality

Split has the theme of multi-personality, I expected it to be a work of weight having of psychological as well as dialogue, but unfortunately this movie hasĀ get in a completely different direction. What I dare not think about is that there is an element of action with the appearance of a true muscle monster.

Split obviously has a very interesting way of putting it, beyond the manifestations of mental disorders, multi-personality is a nice metaphor for talking about the multiplicity of a human being, a They are perfectly normal, able to control their emotions and behaviors, but at the same time they can live very well with different ‘faces’ to adapt to each situation, and also to achieve the same Own ambition.

With a startling action scene, a kidnapping of three girls is Claire, Marcia and Casey of a metamorphic named Dennis. He is just one of 23 present characters in the body of a poor guy named Kevin Wendell Crumb. In addition to Dennis, the viewer will encounter other characters who are “occupying a light” on Kevin’s body (a term used to describe dominant characters in a multi-personality personality). It was a sinister woman, a British teacher Patricia, a 9-year-old Hedwig, a fashion designer Barry S., a historian of Orwell and Jade, and a few moments in the film. .

At first, M. Night Shyamalan showed me that Split has a pretty good introduction to each of the different personalities, taking turns borrowing the body of a human being. It is not difficult to guess the bad guys who are trying to tame this body, in the name of a part of the society that is abandoned because of the strange psychological manifestations, Especially to stand up after the fear, collapse because of violence by people around, including relatives. When suffering, torture, humiliation, it is also the time when the weakest people, the opportunity to summon evil. And when the second or third personality emerges, the evil facing the good … is when people discover their inner self. Everyone is curious to hear what other voices are cramming in their own bodies, the strange ‘human’ that exists somewhere in the subconscious mind, which is very interesting. As if faced with fear, a harmless old man would not expect how they would commit cruel, sinful acts. I keep in mind that Split, with itself from the simple title that will solve these hidden corners, to fight, grab each stronger, more fierce personality. But perhaps the director / screenwriter of the film is too subjective on the subject, it is not simply a complete take over of a monster, ‘The Beast’, a new 24th person who has just arrived to win. In other characters’ minds, the team has put more action details like a harsh, bloody “Hannibal”, an iron fist, instead of being a ‘monster’ But there are unbelievable barbaric actions.

When the film falls into a stressful situation, the viewer becomes more aware of Kevin’s mentality (but his main personality is not revealed yet) through his daily meetings with Dr. Fletcher, The way of Barry S., a very humanist perspective has been shared. We can absolutely believe that people with real neurological disorders are potential talent, not illnesses. That conversation has reduced the ruthless atmosphere of the film, a fire that rekindled pain and tears. The way to put this matter of the film is very good, but then the director left the studio and did not exploit it further, so that the viewer saw the disadvantages of Kevin had endured.

With Split, James McAvoy had a different role, but not a great role. Initially, in addition to curiosity about the subject of the film, I would love to know how heavy a man in Atonement (2007) would have embodied 23 personality. It was motivation for me to decide to see Split. If the movie scripts were to re-release, focusing on psychology as the subject matter was, McAvoy had the opportunity to be more appreciative. A cold, sickly, cunning, funny, humorous, lovable … man has been reincarnated quite well, but unfortunately the film only left the ground for dark personalities. The rest of the personality just blurts in the blink of an eye, from a file record on a computer, from a recounted story … That’s why I do not see McAvoy’s big effort here, Expressing the complexity of multi-personality arrangements, fighting each other.

In the meantime, Anya Taylor-Joy, a lonely Casey student, rarely smiles, the only female character who holds the story line, who accidentally motivates other appearances. Slices in the turbulent past have tacitly signaled the survival of this girl’s vital instinct. Casey is a testimony to the saying ‘those who overcome suffering are the most advanced breeds.’ Despite being the most rounded role of the film, Taylor-Joy as well as McAvoy still can not shoulder the burden of the film with a rather rampant and lack depth. The scene in which Casey faces each other with Kevin’s personality (McAvoy) should have pushed the climax of the film to a climax, two individuals suffering a great deal, both psychologically and physically violent Conversation with each other, so that the audience can retract themselves to reflect on this life, then deviate to a very ‘muscle’ hunt.

With a very nervous start, it’s hard to predict the future appearance of Kevin’s personality. But even so, Split seems to be gradually fading, less suspense, easier to guess, and we completely see the embarrassment of the director when the 24th appearance of the monster, the greed of detail. And incorporating the action factor has never yielded a good result in a multi-personality film, emphasizing human psychological development.

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