Life (2017) – The space of illusion is overwhelmed

Life is beautiful. Life is also very interesting. Being alive is a happy, but maintaining a difficult life. Life is also a series of days struggling, endure and believe in your choice. Daniel Espinosa’s latest film, Life, with the theme of the dangers of life on Mars, is an interesting piece proposing a reference to the survival instinct of a new species, to depict the Ruthless and beautiful of life.

Life is about the crew of the Challenger team of 6 multi-nationals who are exploring Mars for a period of time not far from us. It’s the physicist David Jordan (Jake Gyllenhaal), who stays on board for longer than all that wants to stay away from humanity, said Miranda North, Rebecca Ferguson, Extraterrestrial organisms to study methods to prevent diseases. The remaining members are technical executives Sho Murakami (Hiroyuki Sanada), captain Ekaterina Golovkina, also known as Kat (Olga Dihovichnaya), explorer Rory Adams (Ryan Reynolds) and Hugh Derry (Ariyon Bakare) ). They form an intelligent, courageous and trustworthy team of experts, along with understanding and close friendships. The group of international astronauts are eagerly awaiting the discovery of the soil samples from Mars, brought by an unmanned probe that will soon arrive at their space station. The scientists on board hoped that they could extract some organic substances from this “seed” to synthesize or restore living organisms, to prove that humans are not the only animal in This universe.

The members they brought home and put into the study cartouche were originally a little creature like a germ, and Hugh, the kind man who had been loving and hoping it would be a good start. . Calvin, a harmless name given to the creature from Mars. However, the tragedy begins when Calvin grows and threatens the lives of each member of the mission, and, of course, the whole of humanity.

The script is penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, with three quarters of the time being the process of confronting and opposing Calvin in the face of both a facade and intelligence. Calvin hid in every corner of each cabin, and at one point people saw it outside, but then it got into the tubes leading to each cabin. The changing dynamics of appearance make it possible to attack quickly and out of control. Six Challenger members are not Calvin’s opponents, including intelligence. This is a movie to remind you that, even though extraterrestrial films have previously honored human intellect in order to win monsters, Life is still fundamentally grounded in negating that. People, with certain limits of strength, come with their confidence, have sought to attack nature and sleeping creatures off the earth, to prove their progress.

If Arrival is a message of the ability to understand the language of aliens, Life is a visible counterweight that reflects their dangers. The way to set up such an antithesis by Daniel Espinosa is likely to cause mixed reactions. Calvin’s method of murder is quite creepy, and some scenes suggest that without the actor’s psychological portrayal, this would be purely a horror movie with blood and shards people. However, the way Life is presented is quite new, the film finds new approaches, or at least aliens have given the crew a clear sense of the value of life. Live, and what is the boundary between living and being.

Life is not a movie that has a counterweight between good and evil. With the participation of the cast of fame and power, Life is not too hard to guess that the film will reach the audience in a deep and unforgettable. On a cruise ship hovering in space, as well as facing offensive aliens, what do people think of their existence? David, tired of living on earth, faced with the evil, bored people, decided to work and live on the train. But is there really no emotion in the earth? Human beings, when born, are already selling their attachments and sticking to roots, roots. Calvin is the same. Instinctive survival has prompted it to attack alien creatures, to return to its origin and safety.

In the movie, there are two moments where viewers are seen beginning of life. On the one hand was Dr. Sho’s first child born in his hometown, and the other was when Calvin made the first move in the presence of Hugh and the rest of the delegation. The birth of a child, which is also the day of life threatening earth began to move. But who predicted that? Anyone who knows before a child after growing up to become a human, or a seed after development is so dangerous monster. All statements about the beginning or ending of Life are not explicit, even at the end of the movie, which is another beginning. The only thing is we understand, to adapt and face them, both happiness and suffering, both smile and tears.

Life, however, has a minor downside, a common problem in disaster films, that is, the altruistic nature of humankind, and the compassion rarely seen when they are easily threatened with life. Simple and simple. Typically, when Calvin attacked Hugh, the man who took care of him, he displayed his unconditional sympathy with this barbaric act. At the very first moments, the love Hugh had for Calvin was only weakly expressed by his exchanges and gaze, but no details to show the adventurer’s attachment to “the bead. Sprouts “seem harmless. Hugh’s talk, however, about Calvin’s survival instinct, though, is lacking in the weight needed to persuade viewers.

Nothing to complain about cast in Life. However, with the time-consuming action scenes, the inner acting aspects have not been explored in depth. Reynolds’s appearance as an air stream to relieve stress on the train. Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, who has left a lasting impression after Mission: Impossible 6 and Girl On Trains, is the main character who holds the story line, witness and record diaries. And the sobriety of a leading female scientist she is portrayed quite rounded. Meanwhile, Jake Gyllenhaal’s acting made me feel like he was backing away a bit, calm and controlled by a lonely scientist.

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