Skyfall (2012) – Farewell to the “old” of a series

I have read somewhere of a reviewer that Nolan has blew a new soul into the Batman series, and indeed that soul has really made the Comic fans bent and respectable. At Skyfall, too, under the subtle hand of Sam Mendes (director of Revolutionary Road, American Beauty), James Bond has a beautiful, impressive and different soul. Not sure if Sam will do the next, but I have a general opinion about this.

Agent 007, in the opinion of most people, is a spy with superhero toys, guns, combat and special defense equipment. Jame Bond is invented MI6 silly inventors weapons, spying … And then James Bond will pair with a Bondgirl girl extremely beautiful and fiery like Eva Green or Harry Berry. hate. And then as a spy, he will go to investigate, infiltrate into dangerous places, pretend to be a gentle gentleman, flirting like god … Unfortunately, very few such things appear in Skyfall, 23rd movie about the famous 007 agent. But not so Bond is no longer Bond and Skyfall is “Sky fall.”

The first James Bond movie, he appeared in the dark in a room where his colleague was killed while on duty in Istanbul (after Taken 2 hours ago to Skyfall set there, ever new Then came the choking action of chasing stolen hard drives containing confidential MI6 data, with pursuit of Oto, then Motor, and chasing each other on board, The running of the train was very familiar in previous James Bond movies, but this time, Bondgirl (a co-worker in MI6) came up with the order. On James Bond, he fell into the river below … thinking that it was the title of the movie “Skyfall” – ending for a legend. But not the opening credits, a great credit under the theme song of Skyfall, sung by Adele, alludes to James being saved and alive.

In addition to the first “thick” feature of 007, next, it’s Sam Mendes’s 007.

After half a century when the first appearance 007, this film contains a sense of whether Bond should continue to exist, continue to be used as a new generation with new technology is showing itself strong. Like satellites, super-intelligent computer systems … which Bond’s agent (Ben Whishaw) represents rather than an outspoken spy drinking Martini, riding a super car and flirting with a girl. At the time when 007 was supposed to be killed but was resting somewhere on the seafront, we saw the fatigue, old age, and injuries at Bond, no longer catching up with a powerful lurker. The fighting skills, too, he did not pass the physical and mental tests after returning to headquarters. But M. gave us a perfect answer about ignoring the 007 test report that failed, M. took 007 back to the front line, found the missing keeper and stood behind. More killings of other secret agents. And M (Judi Dench) is the main factor in this movie story. Not only did there appear a few scenes in the previous films, from the beginning M appeared with his role as a commander from the head of the center to every decision of the spies, like the day from the beginning of the film. When M decides to give Agent Eve a shot, though, the probability of getting hit by James is high. And it was in that position and personality that M created a self-possessed foe, an old agent under Silva (Javier Bardem), a former agent that M says is a genius. And Silva is the main villain against James in the movie. Silva reminds me of Bane in the latest movie The dark knight rises of Nolan, an extremely intelligent brain, Silva has created a nearly perfect plan in every step to reach M, At the same time in Silva there is something crazy, crazy style of Joker (the Dark Knight) very interesting. And the answer to the question of whether Bond is still useful is answered, as Silva can infiltrate MI6’s top-secret computer systems, control and control them, to a computer genius as well. The Q service is shocking, and even the minister’s internal meeting with MI6 employees is compromised and attacked. The 007’s intelligence, judgment, and courage are more than ever needed. end. True to the above I have said, the film does not have many chapters to investigate, the case … the film is almost chase, Silva seeking to approach M, Bond seeking to approach Silva, then Silva retrieved. Chase both to the Skyfall mortality.

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