The Best Of Youth (2003) – Beautiful experience of youth

“The Best of Young” was taken from a poet / poet / director Pier Paolo Pasolini, an Italian cultural icon who was murdered in 1975. Director Giordana had made films about him before, And to remember him. “No good film is too long,” and if art is to reproduce life, this is the film closest to the art definition.

Throughout the journey I passed, I cried, I laughed, I was happy and sad with all the characters. I love them all, no matter what character, what destiny, right or wrong, because I know them. Here, the director Marco Tullio Giordana has tied their souls and souls to the viewer, in an epic epic of the Caratis family that has experienced many ups and downs with water. Italy, from 1966-2003.

The film is full of life, a lot of events, but mostly revolves around the Caritas brothers, starting in the summer of 1966 when they were about to graduate. His brother Matteo (Alessio Boni), impatient, impulsive and hard-headed, slips graduation but hides everyone. Including father, mother, sister, brother Nicole and a little sister. In the meantime, he received a volunteer work to take mental patients on a walk. There, Matteo meets a beautiful young girl, Giorgia (Jasmine Trinca). After discovering that Giorgia was being treated by electric shocks, he decided to save her from the hospital, and managed to take Giorgia to his father’s house.

This requires the help of brother Nicola (Luigi Lo Cascio), who holds a doctorate in hand. From the very first scene, the viewer was able to see the contrast of the two brothers. If Matteo is a burning fire, Nicola is windy, or a stream of calm. He is always gentle, humorous, and kind to everyone. Nicola decided to make an appointment with two friends, Carlo (Fabrizio Gifuni) and Berto (Giovanni Scifoni), during their memorial trip to North Cape, Norway, to help her brother. They promise to meet again and continue after a few days.

The three of them, Giorgia and the two brothers, had fun moments, and were unhappy but memorable, on this trip. They both slept on straw in the barn, shouting at the rain, laughing at the beach, before getting frustrated when Giorgia’s father refused to adopt her. While confused, Giorgia was arrested by the police, and signaled to the two brothers not to be involved. Suffering, Matteo reveals that he missed his graduation, and gave up the trip in a harsh fashion. Angry, Nicole turned away. On the platform that day, their lives began to split in different directions. Matteo cut off his hair, and joined the army. Nicole continues to travel to Norway alone, meet new people, and stop working at a timber camp.

It would be impossible to talk about the film, without revealing a bit of content, because there are also other characters. Like Giulia (Sonia Bergamasco), the female student Nicole met when she returned to Florence as a volunteer for a historic flood in the Arno River. They live together as husband and wife and have a daughter named Sara. Matteo left the army, continued to show character instability, went to the police and was sent to Sicily. Here, he stumbles upon a mesmerized girl named Mirella (Maya Sansa), and leaves a deep impression on her before disappearing.

Price as “The Best of Young” is also done in real-time style like Boyhood. But, unlike that, makeup has done so well. We can see the change in the appearance of the characters, as well as their innate nature, without being forced or fake. Timelines are in place, marking events but still seamless. And what impressed me was the director Giordana, which kept that seamlessness for six hours, was a breakthrough in filmmaking. Many people will think that the film is no different from the short TV series (and that is the original intention), but not at all. The film is bold, cinematic breath from the beginning to the end, time is no more meaning than a number, will be forgotten as soon as viewers really immersed.

This is a very ambitious, extremely ambitious film directed by Giordana, as he wants to integrate into the family story with the history of the development of Italy in a long period. But not just events, such as the Arno flood, the emergence and operation of the Red Brigade, the death of Judge Givani Falcon, but also a look at the political, economic and literary situation. In the most honest and painful aspects, from the perspective of insiders. A picture that is both panoramic, detailed, and extremely surprising, he does. In the graduation exam, the professor told Nicole, “Do you have any ambitions? If so, leave Italy … Italy is a beautiful place. But a place to die, run by the dinosaurs. ” When he asked again why the professor did not go, he replied, “Because I am also a dinosaur.” In the joke between the three friends (without Matteo), Carlo explained the situation. The tragic economy in the future, says there will be a rate of one out of three unemployed workers in Italy. Later, Berto becomes that person. Another time, Nicole was in charge of assisting a defendant pleading guilty to bribery, which was the most dramatic, most general sighting of the affair, and haunted by the accusation of the accused. Is Italy “.

The picture is made up of minutiae like that, but it is full of color and has a powerful impact on the viewer’s perception.

And Italy, a broken Italy with bureaucracy, violence, mafia, witnessed the lost youth and tragedy. Giulia’s story is the most pitiful and tragic. She left her family, little girl, to find something called ideal. The ideal was exchanged with a blood-stained hand, and ended in pain in her daughter’s remark. “She wanted to change the world, but now she has to ask permission to play the piano.” Actually pushing Matteo into boredom, though he is essentially an outsider, a person who does not stick with anyone, or anything. But it was also Italy of hope, Italy’s brave and valiant Carlo, though threatened to death “If I go, that means they have won,” Nicola’s Italy struggled to the end because Patients, Italy remembers the volunteers in the flood, Italy’s children were born on a rainy night bringing happiness and the purpose of living for an elderly woman, and completing what his uncle It has missed. Italy of birth, continuity, and of change.

And Italy is also a witness, an observer for each young person of the Caratis family.

I do not understand how, as frames with beautiful and clear light, is violin violin theme, Giordana director caught the moment of youth, the moment just like standing still, medium As endless. The first moment the film touched me was when Matteo took Giorgia’s hand, in a sunny one-way park, beautifully surprised. It is as beautiful as seeing one’s own memory right in front of us, the memory surrounded by glitter of nostalgia, and fragile. As fragile as Matteo’s first vibrations were for Giorgia, her gaze stared at him as she turned on the “Achi” (Ai can?) In an automatic music player. And when it broke, Giorgia was taken away, which was also the end of his childhood. Moments of life. Just as Nicola and Giulia suddenly found shelter in a garden with sculptural structures, they sat there watching while being beaten, persecuted, and violent, like being lost in paradise.

Giorgia, not appearing much in the film, and does not seem to have an important role, is the main character throughout. She is the one who changed the lives of the two Caratis brothers (they admittedly “fell for her”). She took them on a trip to find her father, and ended it with separation, formally making Matteo a loner. It is because of her case, that Nicola later spent all his energy to heal and save people in the same situation as Giorgia. Imagine, if she does not appear, a mentally ill girl, does not seem to talk or act, how much could their lives change? They could go to the North Cape, have fun, and then, Matteo would probably think of going back to school. Nicola would not go to Florence, not meet Giulia and Sara will not be present. Later, it was Giorgia who persuaded Nicola to meet Mirella, to find the happy end of life for his mother, and his family. Giorgia is also the embodiment of the brotherhood between Matteo and Nicola, the most intimate memories they have had with each other, and that has forever connected them.

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