“Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (2016) – The funny pursuit

A widowed old man was sad to seek forgotten in the wilderness. Due to circumstances, he was forced to bring a fat orphaned boy. They both go through an adventure and find cohesion, as a family. Are you thinking of Pixar’s “Up” (2009)? No, it’s “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” (2016).

A police car passing through the majestic mountains of New Zealand. There were two Child Welfare employees and Ricky, a twelve-year-old boy as fat as a barrel. They are bringing it to a new home, and it may be the last place, if Ricky does not quit the game. Welcoming all three is Bella (Rima Te Wiata), a woman in the countryside. A few minutes later, her husband, Hector (Sam Neil), emerges from the forest with a new pig hatched behind her back. The hard-working staff not forget to warn Bella about his frustration.

As proof, the first night with the new family, Ricky escaped. But this is a mountainous forest, not an urban area, so it’s only 200 meters away. Bella finds Ricky sprawled on the grass, and instead of scolding, she greets him for breakfast. With genuine concern, Bella gradually senses Ricky. It turned out not to be a spoiled child, but just a weird one. For example, Ricky likes to write haiku poetry, or to speak empty. But it is also happy to be celebrating and receiving presents, like all the other boys.

Things got better with Ricky. Belle taught him to shoot and hunt wild boars, promising to teach him more. Unfortunately, the biggest thing she taught Ricky was the impermanence of life. One day, Belle suddenly dies and the bright future shuts off with Ricky. Husband Hector, for his sorrow, decided to go into the woods for some time. And the kid will have to go back to the orphanage. Unsatisfied with the outcome, Ricky stole Belle’s ashes, set fire to death, and escaped into the woods with his dog.

Of course, without skills and experience, Ricky can not live in the jungle. Within hours, it was hungry and abandoned its intentions. Hector easily found Ricky, but before he could get his boyfriend back, an accident happened. No other way, both have to stay in the forest for several weeks. It’s time for Hunt for the Wilderpeople to become a typical movie. If the beginning of the film is somewhat realistic, then what happens next is extremely cinematic: Both happen to be hunted, well-known in the media, and go through incredible moves. .

Wilderpeople is a very funny movie first and foremost. The comedy of the film is a combination of excellent filmmaking, intelligent dialogue and the cast of the cast. Director Taika Waititi, widely known after what we do in the dark, has a very similar narrative to Wes Anderson. He preferred fast cutting scenes, strange angles, using smooth music, to create attractive. The film is also divided into separate chapters, similar to Fantastic Mr.. Fox (Sublime Report, 2009) or The Grand Budapest Hotel (King’s Hotel, 2015). This method requires very good rhythm. And Waititi guarantees that.

But all the technical elements can only be sublimated if there is a good foundation, the script. Waititi has transformed Barry Crump’s Wild Pork and Watercress book into a model epitome in every way. There is always something interesting waiting for the viewer every five minutes. Waititi also retains the trio, in Hollywood style. But we do not have the feeling of watching a Hollywood movie, because the context and local comic elements are more ingenious. For example, dense jungle scenes, European snow-capped peaks, or humorous British accents.

Wilderpeople is a movie journey. The most important message of a journey movie is maturity. The hardest part is that there are so many excellent mature travels. There are so many memorable couples that have grown up together after their adventures. As Up, the animated feature is very close to Widerpeople. In 2016, a film closer to the Swiss Army Man, also set in jungle and unreal.

With Wilderpeople, you can rest assured that you will never get confused. It’s hard to say that the director of Waititi has created something new, but he is strong enough to make the film different. The relationship between Ricky and Hector is between father and son, but also between people who are outcast and must find ways to survive. They seek freedom, like wild horses, but at the same time seek cohesion. The film offers sympathy for abandoned fate, with the belief that anyone who deserves a family deserves it.

Wilderpeople does not fall into the motifs or details of the momentum, but is not too vulgar. There are many current movies trying to cling to the vulgar, weird, to make a difference. Waititi did not do that. We can feel the limits set. Those obscenities like Haiku’s about Ricky’s “self-mates”, are always in the right place. The duo Rima Te Wiata and Sam Neil do not need the background, but persuade us by their direct acting. Ricky is a playful, but innocent, lovely. Hector was a bit “jungle” but warm, caring. Many would not recognize him as Dr. Grand in the famous Jurassic Park series. Thanks to that, touching moments touch the hearts of viewers, in a simple and real way.

A successful adventure is when people enjoy the process, and regret when it ends. Wilderpeople is an adventure that viewers do not want to end. There are many memorable moments and emotions that we want to last forever. Said Hector, is a very “majectical” film – a word not real. Not true, but great.

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