One Day (2016) – A special day of love

Sometimes, we only need a single sympathy for a movie. Rational analyzes are suddenly secondary. That’s what happened to me when I saw a romantic movie from Thailand – “One Day”.

There is a reference to an old romantic movie by Anna Hathaway, but One Day content is like that drawn from Marc Levy’s book. Den (Chantavit Dhanasevil) is a lone engineer. As narrative, he is a “stealth” in the eyes of his colleagues, unless they want to fix something related to the computer. One day, Den meets the beautiful young Nui (Nittha Jirayungyurn), working in the media room. Of course, she only saw Den when she needed to fix the computer. But for some reason, he fell in love with her, and volunteered to become her number one fan.

But swans never pay attention to ugly chickens. For three years, Nui was with Top, the handsome director, talented, and married. Like all the other directors, he promised to leave his wife to marry her. Nui has the opportunity to confirm the fidelity of the promise during the whole travel company in Hokkaido, Japan. Top has left her when his wife announced the pregnancy of her second child. Too distressed, when people leave the hotel, Nui alone to stay up the mountain snow suicide.

The illusion of film begins here. The engineer si love has followed Nui and saved her life. Before that, he made a wish with the bells god, that wants to become a lover of the Nui, even one day only. Nui wakes up in the hospital, was informed by the doctor dementia in a day. Den opportunity that identify itself as Top. They spent the 24 hours of love in Hokkaido, trying to make a plan of fun that Nui set out there, including the dream of watching the festival published.

The first minute, until Nui before the memory loss, is a long time. Usually there are two types of directors: one is the scriptwriter who sublimates the script, and the other two are the ones who make it worthless. Sorry to say that Banjong Pisanthanakun, the director of the Thai comedy horror movie Phenomenal in 2013, Pee Mak, is the second in One Day. His creations are interesting but too dramatic, like the movie “Who’s a Millionaire”. The retention of film is not good, lengthy unnecessary. The most awkward thing of a director is to reveal his intent. There are scenes of the movie so funny: When the character speaks a touching tone, the background music comes on, when they stop talking, the music is still, and so on repeat three or four times. There are unnatural scenes, such as when a Den breaks objects in the store. There are scenes of horror, which are not appropriate, as Den crossed the road. And much more.

But One Day is a weird case. As soon as I started losing hope and depression, the movie suddenly came back to watch. This is a film in which other elements, such as acting and especially scripting, save the director. Later on, the screenplay shines with more engaging storylines and dialogue. The two actors Dhanasevi and Jirayungyurn started interacting. They made the film more pleasant, and obscured the weakness of the narrative.

I think, and realize, the most glittering thing in this movie is the truth. A movie can be wonderful, but still close, if its core is true. Den is probably the guy that is always in every guy, at some stage of his life, just a foolish girl. Although the reason for that love is not persuasive, but we will cherish sincerity. Nui is a girl who runs under the illusion, as well as many other girls, blurred by the material and glamor. Both as distinct pieces never formed, and this broken love story will serve as a stepping stone.

24 hours Den and Nui together is to realize both of them. Emotions of the film come from deepening their thoughts and feelings, to a level that we recognize, coincides with reality. Den talks about climbing Mt. Everest and wiring the Trade Building. But only a few can do that, and most are forever a dream. Den does not belong to this few. What you have, just memories will vanish like melting ice. With Nui, initially nothing special to sympathize, until she cries for realizing that she is the destructive of the happiness of others. Nui’s three years ago did not believe he fell into this situation. But we are not just puppets of situations and choices, which are not always what we want.

The most beautiful scene, for the dark, was when Nui fell asleep in Den’s arms. Before that, she said why Den did not come to flirt with her and make her happy, like the 24 hours they had, that she had nothing special. Both know that it is impossible, beyond the dream in Hokkaido. But here, Den was able to sleep a good, carefree sleep, next to his love. She is like the mourners, rushed into the delusion of happiness, like the light but only the red fire. Then, Nui suddenly felt pitiful, in that sleep. The weariness, suffering, betrayal, was somewhere outside the room. She was just an ordinary girl trying to find happiness, and a peaceful sleep like that, but she went the wrong way.

On film air, there are times when One Day reminds me of Richard Linklater’s films. The story takes place in real time, encapsulated in a short day. Jessi and Celine just met until dawn. But Pisanthanakun was not strong enough to make Hokaido as good as Vienna, or Paris, or Peloponnese. It’s just beautiful, with snowy peaks and Japanese scenery as cut from travel books. Hokkaido is still only context, not a part of this love story. In addition to acting and scripting, music is also a last resort. The gentle background music and the romantic theme song, contributed quite a lot to the film emotions.

One Day has an open end. But it does not open, if we look at real life. Boys will become boys. Lost girls will find their way. Den and Nui are like two people at different times – literally in the movie, this is definitely not the time for them. What about the future? The end of One Day is not promising anything, and that’s a point worth mentioning. Possible, maybe not. The love will answer all.

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