“Sing” (2016) – Party of Music

Based on the humorous story of reviving a theater on the verge of bankruptcy, “Sing” delivers an infinite love and passion for music, by connecting the fate of each character, as well as the representative of contemporary society.

The idea of ​​re-enacting a miniature society based on the world of animals has been made quite successful by Disney’s Zootopia. However, Sing brings a color of entertainment and closeness to the smaller ones, something that Minions in Despicable Me of Illumination Entertainment did very well. Christmas debuts, entertaining is a prime factor that Garth Jennings has fulfilled, along with the incorporation of some of the familiar lessons learned in previous cartoons, Sing’s near It captures the hearts of audiences of all ages around the world.

The main content in the film is extremely predictable, and bring a pleasant. That is all that is needed for a Christmas entertainment.

The beginning of the film, the image of a once-stellar Nana Noodleman (Jennifer Hudson) under the twinkling of lights and the moonlight, a glimpse of the prosperity of Broadway in the 1960s. The depth of the stage is accompanied by a change of background music. In an effort to revive the father’s theater at risk of being sealed by the bank, the Buster Moon bear (Matthew McConaughey) used the idea of ​​a music contest to draw the attention of audiences back to the theater. .

From a “humor” error of prize value, the contest quickly attracted the attention of enough people in society, a Rosita (Reese Witherspoon) pig with a sweet voice, Typical housewife’s picture, having a dream but sacrificing to care for her husband and children, and her singing dream not shared by her husband. Mickey Mouse (Seth MacFarlane), always a gentleman, a timeless artist who is well-trained but does not have the time, earning a living by blowing the trumpet on the street. Meena (Tori Kelly), a shy elephant can not stand the crowd. Johnny (Taron Egerton), a gorilla boy practicing theft stealing his father’s organization, is gifted with innate singing. Ash (Scarlett Johansson), a rock singer who only sang for her boyfriend.

First of all, Sing brings a message that any adult thinks that their children need to be shared: pursue their dreams, take care of others, think of good values. However, every child also needs a lesson, any pursuit of dreams must pay the price.

With the Koala Moon bear, after a series of unreasonable shows, his theater is slowly entering the dead end, with the bank indebted. As a music talent search contest, to draw attention to the theater, many situations are cleverly and accidentally set up, such as the harassment of the mafia gang, to push Moon into closing. Switch during the journey. Pushing the main character to the wall to add to the appeal of the film is a trick that many filmmakers do, but just how to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, contributes to the story to make it floating. The main character, Sing has done this pretty well. Matthew McConaughey, with a laid-back voice, shows the maturity of a theater owner, and the clever, cleverness of a business man. The goal when he connected the singing talents in the competition came from his own business goals, but like many aspiring owners, wealth does not come with the meaning of life.

We also see behind a child forced into the criminal path, a desire to live peacefully with the passion of singing. Little wonder that Kingsman secret services have such emotional and deep voice. Picture of monkey Johnny while on duty, in a little distraction leaning against the wall to sing The way I feel inside, a song I have heard many times by The Zoombie group. A song only for those who have a warm voice that is able to convey the mind simply. For some time, Johnny’s monkeys have awakened the minds of parents about giving their children the freedom to pursue their dreams. They need to be happy, rather than serving adults for the personal purposes of adults.

Meena, a shy elephant and never dares to sing in front of crowded people. Meena has quietly contributed to the success of others, but she herself does not dare to acknowledge her talent, which is a typical example of forgotten talents. Tori Kelly, a high-profile American Idol-hit singer, made the audience a few startles when singing in Sing. Especially the Hallelujah, a musical cathedral that opens in front of Meena’s eyes, behind is the ruins of the Moon Theater. Meena is the model singer can only sing with his own feelings.

Among the main characters who make up the happy Christmas picture in Sing, there is a character that is least landed but impresses with his humor, Gunter, the easy pig. Traumatized and witty, voiced by Nick Kroll. He always encouraged his actors (Rosita) to release his body when he went on stage. Gunter’s musical spirit is the most ideal nuance in life and music, be yourself. Do not let your own limits, social status, sadness, preconceptions about gender impede your love of music, stop your dancing steps on a color stage.

In addition to building up a typical character, Sing’s mainstreaming message is centered around the idea of ​​waking up musical talents in every mid-life talent. In addition, the film also warns of the current state of the music industry, an indispensable trend associated with economic development, which has led to the downfall of once-a-kind theaters. Ever been called the “art sanctuary” is irreplaceable.

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