The philosophy of 20s age in “Everybody Wants Some” (2016)

“Everybody Wants Some” is called “the next mental part” of Boyhood, a 12-year-old Oscar-nominated film in 2014. The movie begins right where the Boyhood ends, when Boy Step into college The main character this time is Jake (Blake Jenner), an 18-year-old pitcher, on the drive to the baseball cap for south Texas baseball in the early 1980s. Friends and team mates, get acquainted with them, stay settled, and prepare for student life begins in 3 days.

That was also the time that Linklater invited viewers to “live” with him in this movie, from Friday morning to Monday morning. There are a lot of movies about college time, but almost no film sets a few days in advance of college. It was a very special time, a brief transition between the two important life stages: High school was over, and college was not. A sweet and gentle holiday, but often forgotten because it is too short.
What will the life of the new 80s in the US be like? Everybody Wants Some brings a fun journey for viewers to discover. Baseball team is a bunch of freaks of all kinds, a total of 16 members that we hardly remember the face of the name at the beginning. During those three days, they were involved in partying, flirting, flirting … in a vibrant, open, full of Western students.

The setting is in the olden days, but Linklater does not use light or color effects to build the atmosphere of the past. Instead, he uses materials that are rich in background details, and bold “trademark” Linklater. In the first scene, a sorceress throws Jake to Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, a revolutionary scientific book of that time. He told Jake to read Chapter 9, a chapter about the stars. The scene later, the five members of the team ride the car and sang Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang. An old collection of games including pinball, table tennis, indoor golf, and … flip fingers. Linklater invested a lot of effort in doing so, and did well enough that he did not have to be an American student to get used to the nostalgia of the film.

As always, the time and way people interact, changing with the flow of time is the only major theme in Linklater’s film. That theme is represented by ideas, lines of thought arising from reality are encapsulated in specific time slices. Everybody Wants Some does not and does not need a clear plot at the surface. Linklater recreates the time in the way of a reality show, full of authenticity, beauty and layering to open.

It is difficult to find any sport that matches the existent nature of Linklater than baseball. It was the sport of the moment, loved by fads but kept by the moment, and tied to American values. Baseball is worth fighting for. “You throw a group of comrades together, and they only think about how to win.” In the movie, we see all the members hate losing, whether in jokes play. Baseball also has value for team collaboration. Each self and personality must be merged into the common goal, even the most rebellious, if not want to be marginalized. And in baseball, it is worth living up to.

The protagonist Jake, played by actor Blake Jenner, is the protagonist of Linklater: A Discovery. Like the unnamed character wandering in the dream world of Waking Life, he gradually experiences new things and seeks to understand them. There are cute and intimate lovemaking from Jake, which we easily find sympathetic. He said that the only thing that mattered was passion, and everything in life was to follow those positive emotions. Yes, and many more.

Everybody Wants Some provides an envisioning of how people come to life, accepting the vastness of the world out there. Jake is a high school superstar, but in college he’s just an apprentice. He in turn collided with the different “cultures” at school, through parties: Disco parties, Rock parties, Punk parties … and surprised to see a rock song can be punk style very nice. The only way to understand the complexity and the fun of life is to accept it.

Other characters do not include Jake’s baseball team representing the different living perspectives, very typical and memorable. The most impressive of all is Finn (Glen Power), one of the most talked about men and the center of all humor. Finn is a reincarnation of Linklater, wise and understanding, able to explain everything in life. But not to think, but to live full and full. Then there’s Captain McReynolds (Tyler Hoechin), full of masculinity and leadership qualities, the type that will always bring the team forward. But there is Beuter (Will Britain), who is always in the frame, and afraid of change. And Jay Niles (Juston Streets), a braggart who quarrels with all of them … The baseball team is a miniature of the characters we will meet all along the way.

Humorous pleasures with student dissatisfaction from start to finish, Everybody Wants Some belong to Linklater’s most viewed films. There are moments of romantic romance, in the budding romance between Jake and the drama student, which will make young viewers pay back. And of course, there is no shortage of bold artistic imprints on the part of the director, making all his works always contain a vague remorselessness as well as a profound philosophical essence. One of them is Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), who is 30 years old, still pretending to be a retired college student. When he was discovered and forced to leave the school, he told Jake: “Have fun, not so long!”

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