Wreck-It-Ralph (2012) – No ones is bad!

“Werck-it Ralph” is a true gift for kids, or a kid who loves a four-button machine. Generation 8x, 9x head will be extremely familiar right at the first scene: a game machine, coin tinkling, an 8-bit color screen, and “bad guy” Ralph appeared. It’s a fix it Felix / Felix repair, where Ralph plays the villain smashing the building, and Felix with the magic hammer is the hero of the rescue.

The most basic and important point for an animated opening scene is to create the character’s soul, and Wreck-it Ralph does a great job of this. For 30 years, Ralph did the work he was born to do, a bad guy. And bad guys are hated. At the end of the day, when Felix was awarded the medal and the rest of the building, Ralph was thrown into the mire and returned to the ruins. He looked up at the bright room where everyone celebrated, sad and lonely. Ralph felt abandoned, as he was part of the game itself but was not remembered. Ralph does not want to continue to be a bad guy.

From saddened to angry, Ralph seeks to attend the party and ruin it. Shunned, Ralph decides to look for a medal, because the medal means good man. Ralph enters another game called Hero’s Duty, where he enters Calhoun’s army battling aliens. Thanks to luck, Ralph steals the medallion, inflicting bugs, and boarding the spacecraft into the Candy Crush racing game. A worm flees from the spaceship, enters the ground and begins to reproduce.

In addition to creating the character is very soulful, Wreck it Ralph also built a nostalgic game world with full of solid rules. Each game is a private world connected to the central station, where characters meet, chat and live a normal life. If a game breaks down or “unlocks”, the characters will become homeless and wander at the station. That was the situation of Fix it Felix, when Ralph disappeared. No bad guys, the game can not start. “Hero” Felix is ​​forced to go with Calhoun to find Ralph.

Wreck it Ralph does not get into the error that the movies with the same theme often encounter, is the abuse of celebrities. Like The Lego Movie just released this year. The audience will enjoy the chance to spot the Sonic, Pacman, Mario Bowser, Street Fighter characters, and a lot of small details about famous games, but that’s all. fish. The film creates its own characters and is completely focused on developing the story. About a bad guy who wants to be a good person.

When he lost to Candy Crush, Ralph met Vanellope, who was abandoned by the kingdom because of a flashing error. Vanellope won the medal because it helped her get involved in the qualifying race. Ralph chases but too late, the medal disappears into the system. After witnessing Vanellope being deported by King King Candy and other rascals, Ralph decides to help her. A conversation: Ralph helps Vanellope create a race car, and she tries to win the medal for Ralph.

Wreck it Ralph has a tight script, with carefully framed and sprung details to guide the story. There is no such thing as a mischievous or unintentional scene, from the story of a crazed Turbo who ruined his game, Coca Mountain and Mentos candy, the bugs are attracted by the light, are meaningful. And serve the plot. But the best thing is the emotional bond between the characters. Ralph and Venellope quickly fell in love with each other because of the same situation: being hated by others for no reason, living alone in a separate place, and trying to get recognition. The goal of the two is different, Ralph is the medal she is winning, but all the same purpose. Both want to be loved and loved.

Even extra contacts, were also taken care of by Phil Johnston and director Rich Moore. Like the love affair between Calhoun and the guy fixing Felix, an actress with a traumatic past, and a guy who’s foolish looking for a companion, bit by bit and progressive. Even though the vocabulary is also exquisite, Felix originally called Ralph “co-worker”, then “friend”, and finally “brother”. It is Felix who also walks on a journey, to understand the sentiment and importance of “enemy” Ralph. Even King Candy and Turbo are very special built, representing selfishness that will gnaw and turn the soul into monsters.

The message that Wreck it Ralph wants to convey is not just about the bad guy who wants to be a good person, but also the story of a person seeking to find his or her self. Ralph was born to be a thug, and believed that it was the work of the bad guys and that he was a bad person, so he was hated. Felix was born to repair and is a hero, so loved. It is a metaphor, each born with a particular situation and role. At first, Ralph thought that the boundary was in medallion, but naive but lovely.

When he was with Venellope, Ralph gradually understood what was most important. He loved her as much as she loved him. They laugh and care for each other, they are not alone anymore. The most moving moment is when Ralph decides to sacrifice to save Venellope. “I’m a bad guy and that’s good. I can not be good and that is not bad. I do not want to become anyone but myself. ” Ralph knows that each person is a bad guy and a good person with himself. It is not the actions or attitudes of others that determine who we are, but the image we believe in ourselves. How bad can a person be able to give up his life to save others? That moment he became a real hero.

Not only that, but also the role of each person in life is equally important. A beautiful message and humanity. Someone born to fix, somebody to smash, somebody to race, somebody to fight with the beetles, as well as children who grow up to become doctors, peasants, astronauts, Work, create a supercomputer or rubbish in the bin, each job is worth the respect and respect. Like the Felix game world, without the hero or the bad guy, it is impossible to work, and what we need to learn is respect and mutual respect. The message of goodness is integrated, when Ralph helps the characters Q * bert, making the film become full and warm heart.

Wreck it Ralph has one of the coolest animated characters, settling and emotional, closing not just a movie but a profound lesson for both children and adults. Children will learn to believe in themselves to grow, and adults will look around for signs of love in their hearts. To smile, they realize that they are not bad guys.

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