Top of Series TV movies – the most of expensive (part1)

They spent hundreds of millions to invest in the production of dramas that are no stranger to the race of producers, many of whom have been fortunate enough to capture the “sweet” nutritious rice bowl. But there are also many times they feel regret for having “overstretched hands”.

No. 12 is Game of Thrones (2011 – 2018).

Average budget: $ 8 million per episode

Game of Thrones started out with a budget of over $ 5 million for a broadcast episode. But as time goes on, the level of monumental growth is increasing. In addition to the huge cast, 100% costume design, costly background, cost of artwork accounts for 60% of the budget. Season 5, 6 and 7 came to a close at $ 10 million for Game of Thrones every 60 minutes on television.

Compared to the HBO movie season, the investment is no less than a movie movie, contributing to his name on the list of the most “burning money” on the planet. But Game of Thrones is just the start of this list!

No. 11 is Sense8 (2015 – 2018).

Average budget: $ 9 million per episode

The series by the Wachowski sisters tells the story of eight different people around the world that have a strange “connection”, which is one of the reasons why production costs of this film is high. Like that The multi-racial film crew has moved to 11 countries and over 16 cities continuously for months, not to mention the remuneration of the actors is also very high, causing everything “price” is overwhelmed.

It is worth mentioning that after the launch in 2015, the US audience is not very salty with Sense8, which has made Netflix consider a lot, plus the long production time of the second part, must return several times. (By the actress screaming and pulling her shoulder) makes Sense8 out of budget. This led to Netflix’s forced cancellation of the film after two seasons.

Although not received by the host country, the international fans of Sense8 are very crowded. A campaign calling for “movie rescue” took place and there were over 500,000 signatures sent to Netflix. It is the love that has helped Sense8 add a finished episode that will launch in 2018.

No. 10 is Marco Polo (2014 – 2016).

Average budget: $ 9 million per episode

Netflix’s first “crush” movie, set in Asia under Genghis Khan. Marco Polo spent a lot of money on setting up a realistic scene and fiery action scenes, blasting extremely wildly, alongside a small amount of money for a huge cast.

Marco Polo suddenly became Netflix’s “money-burning” machine while not resounding in Europe, America or even the Asian market. Monastry is the story of the Asian explorer Marco Polo is loose and unconvincing, critics are “stammered” mercilessly. So after considering the financial situation, Marco Polo is the first television series Netflix forced to cancel only after two seasons.

Ninth place is Westworld (2016 -)

Average budget: $ 9 million per episode

Westworld is the new star of HBO and the 2017 season. The film tells the story of a gigantic amusement park that simulates Western-style space, where people create robots to help buy fun by shooting. And make love. Gradually, the revolver robot group overthrows its rulers.

Curious at the start of production information, HBO’s fantasy series spends more than $ 100 million on the production of the first part, not to mention the budget for the promotion. The largest amount spent on a monumental setting is Wild West Park and the future landscape. In particular, the number of actors in the “most terrible” series of television today also contributed to the series into the most expensive TV series on the planet.

No. 8 is Vinyl (2016).

Average budget: $ 9 million per episode

In 2016, HBO spent a lot of money producing new series with big ambitions. If Westworld is successful, the vinyl rock series Vinyl has failed and suffered a dramatic resurrection just after the first.

However, Vinyl also burned up more than 100 million HBOs for the soundtracks of their own compositions, setting the stage for the 1970s rock greats. This is a fall that HBO would not want to remind. To some

Rome (2005 – 2007) came in seventh place

Average budget: $ 9.5 million per episode

Impressive costume design, real-life scenes with a cast of not-so-rich casts cost the film Rome nearly $ 10 million per episode. It’s also because of the cost of filming that is too expensive, so the HBO and BBC co-production couple can only produce two parts, two years apart. Despite the warm reception of the audience and the ratings on a decent scale, the famed Rome battle had to say goodbye to the audience.

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